DeFi Mentorship Group Details

Look, let’s be honest: DeFi – and crypto in general – can be confusing. Really confusing. The nomenclature is weird.  It’s either a bunch of very high IQ people talking like 4th graders.  Or it can seem so technically daunting that it’s hard to figure out what’s legit vs. what’s a scam.

Cryptocurrency - Pepe holding champaign like Great Gatsby

DeFi Marketing & PR Help to Grow Your TVL

Imagine you’re an engineering team made of shadowy super-coders. You’re into DeFi, dApps, AMMs, and liquidity pools. You get the value proposition: Slay the banksters and increase people’s sovereignty over their hard-earned money so that we can cooperatively out-run the central bank money printers and their war on our savings and salaries w/the inflation they’ve wrought. All …

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