Alpha Leak: What is an Alpha Leak and Why is it Important?

By | Updated April 8th, 2024

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What does Alpha Leak mean?

Alpha Leaks are tips that help you beat the market in the crypto world. It comes from the tardfi term “alpha,” which is when someone’s investment strategy beats the market.

It’s not insider trading if you’re not trading securities. Which we’re definitely not. An “Alpha Leak” are those juicy tips that give you an edge in the crypto market, from the tardfi term of “alpha” — beating the market.

An Alpha Leak is a pretty exciting event for most…

But fortunately, most frens are pretty forthcoming about Alpha Leaks. There’s no need to hoard the good stuff because WAGMI.

It is also sometimes called “alfa”

For devs, leaking alpha can be a huge flex:

But like everything else in this world, it can’t always be trusted…

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