NGMI: Crypto + DeFi Terminology for Degens and Normies Alike

By | Updated April 8th, 2024

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What does NGMI mean?

NGMI is the acronym for the words “Not Gonna Make It” and is usually deployed when a person is exhibiting “paper hands”, constantly buying at the top, or just never knowing where to put their money.

Entire platforms are NGMI if they don’t get crypto and NFTs.

When Someone Has “Paper Hands”

Meaning: An intolerance for price swings and can’t cope with the volatility of DeFi.

When They Don’t See The Value In DeFi

Or don’t get some core DeFi concept.

When They Can’t Figure Out Something Technical

Typically it is something that’s easy for more experienced users like Discord verification or using MetaMask.

When A New Advancement Doesn’t Match The Hype

Always much-heralded advancement in tech.

In DeFi, you don’t want to be labeled as “NGMI” because, well, you want to make it, don’t you anon?

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