Rich or Rekt: Do You Wanna Get Rich or Rekt? Understand the Meaning

By | Updated April 8th, 2024

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What does Rich or Rekt mean?

“Rich or Rekt” is used as a prediction in the crypto world where there are only two possibilities. You either get rich or you get rekt (go broke).

The degen defi trader has two options before him: rich or rekt, heaven or hell, lambos or a broken down bicycle. There’s winning (rich) and losing (rekt) and nothing in between.

(SL means “stop loss” fren)

“Rich or Rekt” As Acknowledgement
Sometimes the phrase is employed simply to illustrate a truism: that these are our two paths.

“Rich or Rekt” As Battle Cry
Other times, it’s a battle cry, like “Leroy Jenkins” in the world of gaming. See also: LFG.

“Rich or Rekt” Is Degenerate Gambling
No, Anon! We are investors and traders!

“Rich or Rekt” Is Another Way of Saying “YOLO”

“Rich or Rekt” Rallies the Troops for One More Pamp

“Rich or Rekt” Is How WAGMI

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