Your Protocol + Our Merch: Why Partner With Us

We get it – we love the DEXes, Liquidity Pools, NFTs, Discord, etc. as much as anyone.

But hey, we still gotta wear something in meatspace, right?

That’s where we can help.

Who are we?

We’re a worldwide print-on-demand company whose values are in alignment with DeFi because we’re self-professed (yet uber responsible) degens users ourselves. 

Thus, we help bridge the gap between TradCommerce and your web3 protocol.  

How can we help?

We take orders in fiat and crypto (thanks to Coinbase Commerce) and print your best designs on high-quality merch from the best print providers around the world, sending it straight to your protocol’s supporters.

Nothing with your protocol touches fiat, if you don’t want it to:  We can pay your DAO’s treasury in stable coins, even if we’re being paid in fiat.

We handle fulfillment, taxes, out-of-stock issues, back-orders, mis-orders, etc. – all without ever bothering you.

So you can do what you do best: Grow your protocol.  

That’s right, we can…

Handle your volume: We’ll scale to meet your order demands. No backlogs and poor customer service.

Handle your anonymity: So long as you’ve got an ERC-20 address we can send your proceeds to, we’ll take care of the rest.

Handle your niche: On-chain, we’re users of L1s, L2s, roll-ups, etc. to yield farm, mint NFTs, ape into protocols, you name it.  Off-chain, we’re a respectable, print-on-demand merchandise company which has TradFi banking squared away.

We’ve got years of hands-on experience in e-commerce.  

Our team is world-class and worldwide.

We speak your language and we can solve your problem: How to handle IRL merchandise sales w/o actually running an IRL e-commerce merchandise shop.

Contact us

Hit us up if you wanna work together: Our DMs are open.

And if you want to check out some of our DeFi chops, look at our video tutorials designed to help onboard more people into web3.


Brian from Libertas Bella