DeFi Mentorship Group Details

Look, let’s be honest: DeFi – and crypto in general – can be confusing. Really confusing.

The nomenclature is weird.  It’s either a bunch of very high IQ people talking like 4th graders.  Or it can seem so technically daunting that it’s hard to figure out what’s legit vs. what’s a scam.

The tools are new.  New browser extensions, new websites, new means of communication, etc.

There’s money on the line.  Sometimes, a lot of money.

And people much more technically sophisticated than you or I are actively looking to fleece you of your funds – if you’re not careful.

I’ve spent thousands of hours in DeFi now. I’ve had 6 figures of funds stolen (what’s called a rug pull) by malicious devs.  I’ve learned, didn’t give up, and ultimately made that (and more) back.


Because I love the ethos of the space. It draws builders, dreamers, doers, and people who are looking for “terra nova” in the so-called metaverse – all of whom rally around a shared set of worthy ideals:  

Exiting the Fed: Rep. Ron Paul first popularized this idea during his 2008 and 2012 U.S. Presidential campaigns, helping bring light to the uncomfortable truth that the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve.

Stopping the bailouts: Satoshi Nakamoto’s so-called Genesis Block for Bitcoin contained an embedded message “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” because part of his impetus for the creation of Bitcoin was a new store of value that couldn’t be used for political purposes to reward the banksters, who’d privatized their gains whilst socializing their losses, at the expense of everyone else.  

Return to sound money: Inflation is economics IRL.  It punishes thrift, prudence, and self-reliance because it’s a stealth war on your savings.  You can’t inflate the money supply via QE, bailouts, ZIRP, etc. – and then stand back and wonder how all the excess liquidity you’ve created could possibly create a bubble in just about every asset class as investors rush to trade in their fiat currencies (which are declining in value because there are more and more of them) chase a dwindling pool of hard assets like real estate, stocks, rare art, etc.  

Ending the welfare/warfare state: In the fiat world controlled by central banks, your money loses value because governments debase their currencies to fund their warfare & welfare states.  In the world of sound money, Bitcoin increases in value because cryptography, code, and math caps the total value at 21m BTC.

Building a voluntary society: When used properly, crypto fulfills the principles of crypto-anarchism, namely encrypted exchanges of value ensuring total anonymity, total freedom of speech, and total freedom to trade.  No gatekeepers who get to decide what you can and cannot do, no deplatforming for engaging in “thoughtcrime”, no doxxing or other forms of coercion to get you to comply – or else.

So what is this private Discord group? And what is it not?

It’s a group to help you get your sea legs underneath you when it comes to DeFi.  I’ve helped coach a lot of people on what to do in DeFi – and what not to do.  That’s what this group is really about.

This group is not a “PnD” i.e. not a “pump-n-dump” group. I’m not really interested in sifting through 10,000 forks and 1,000 Discord servers to figure out what’s a legit project vs. what isn’t.

You’ll still need to DYOR and consider what I say as NFA.  I’ll help you get started and get the hang of things.  But I’m not gonna tell you to ape into a particular project.

Why charge?  Because I believe in the axiom of “you value what you pay for” – and you can watch thousands of hours of YouTube videos, listen to hundreds of podcasts, read countless Twitter threads, etc.  Only to still be stuck and left with a sense of “okay, so what do I actually do now?” That’s where I can help.

So join us in our private Discord server by signing up via the Patreon link here:

To your success,

Brian from Libertas Bella