Shill Your Bags: Hodlers and Apers Unite! What Does Shill Your Bags Mean?

By | Updated April 8th, 2024

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What does “shill your bags” mean?

Shilling your bags in the crypto space means that you are promoting protocols or projects that you have personally invested in. You do this so that more people will invest in the project and therefore making the price/value of the project go up. This in turn means that you make money due to your personal investment.

This, in essence, means that you are part of the marketing team for whatever crypto you hold. It’s your job to make people want to buy it.

“Shill Your Bags” Is a Way of Life

Shilling your bags is inevitable. It is the way of the marketplace. You must embrace this aspect of crypto if you’re GMI.

Better Shill Your Bags!

What happens if you don’t shill your bags? Well, nothing good, anyway…

Don’t Shill Your Bags

Not everyone likes to have bags shilled at them, because it comes off as disingenuous:

And it’s not always the time or the place:

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